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Welcome to the Dragonball: Advent Truth Wiki!

View our Wiki Discussion threads for all your Wiki related news!

  • Updates: Where you can keep up to date on all Wiki improvements and changes.
  • Suggestions: Where you can post any ideas or corrections you may have.
  • Applications: If you want to do more than just point out errors, adding pages yourself is just one click away!

We also have a Discord available, if you want to keep in touch on the go, or in a more real time way. Though we have few rules to be aware of before joining;

  1. Please change your name to your account name!
  2. Silliness is okay, but please try to remain largely civil.
  3. NSFW material is not okay. Save that for PMs.
  4. Use the appropriate channels as necessary.
  5. Avoid meme dumps; if needed a separate channel can be created so your memes don't need to be dreams.
  6. @Immortals as necessary!
  7. All patrons, no matter how little, get to add an emoji of their choosing!


World Building

The Immortals