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Kurzak is the master of Arlian fighting techniques, having honed his skills in battle over a lifetime. Despite his age, Kurzak is a well regarded gladiator in Arlia's blood sports ring, making up for in experience what he lacks in strength or speed. He has taken to training a new generation of Arlians in the hopes of overthrowing the Tyrant King Moai. Kurzak is a race specific Sensei, only available to Arlians.

Description: Kurzak stands a little taller and is possessing of a slightly larger build than the average Arlian. His left eye is missing and there are a number of scars and war wounds visible from his many years of battle.

WARNING: Arlia has no public transport. If you pick Kurzak as a Sensei, you MAY be stuck on your Homeworld for quite awhile, unless another player comes to help you.
  • Difficulty for Newbies: [****-]
  • Sensei Location: Hall of Kurzak, Arlian Coliseum Prison, Janacre, Arlia
  • Newbie Area: Prison Block A
  • Starting Bonus: N/A

NOTE: The newbie area for Kurzak students is Prison Block A, located under Janacre.

Directions: You literally can't miss this area, since Kurzak is located right inside Prison Block A.

NOTE: A secondary newbie area for Kurzak students is Prison Block B, located under Janacre.

Directions to Prison Block B((From the where Hitok stands guard)): 1 West, 4 South, 2 West, 3 South, 8 West, 3 North.
Directions to Hall of Kurzak(From the Prison Block B entrance Dojo entrance): 3 South, 8 East, 3North, 2 East, 4 North, 1 East.


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