Ice Crown City

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Ice Crown City is the largest and oldest permanent settlement on Frigid. Despite the natural resistance to hot and cold extremes, the Icers in ancient times never built permanent settlements, preferring to move on as a region got too cold. As population and technological growth occurred, the need for more permanent settlements was desired, so eventually the Icers began to hollow out the extinct Ice Crown volcano. A major elevator system was built in the volcano's shaft that runs through the center of the city.

The city has grown over time and now encompasses five major levels, though the lowest level of the city (which served as a prison) is now abandoned. Each level was designed with a specific function, such as the 'middle' level where the majority of commercial stuff is located. The city's starport can be found on the top level, where a side of the volcano was carved out for ships to enter and exit.

Features of the city:

  • Frozen Fist Dojo - This dojo is famous for being the residence of Lord Frieza. Most of the Icerian nobility send their children here to learn how to fight.
  • Ice Crown Palace - Located atop the summit of Ice Crown, the palace is the residence of Frigid's ruler. The central elevator runs up to the palace garden, though the guards typically only allow Icers to enter the palace itself.
  • Lower Level - The main residence area of Ice Crown City, things like the Bounty Hunter office, Jerodel's Surgery and Ice Crown Security can be found here.
  • Middle Level - As mentioned previously, this level of Ice Crown City serves as the commercial district.
  • Ginyu Corps Academy - Hopefuls gather and train here in the hopes of one day being accepted into the notorious Ginyu force. Captain Ginyu himself presides over the academy.