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General Information: Frigid is the homeworld of the Icers and the spiritual home world of the Mutant species. This world is known for it's harsh environment, a large portion of the planet is covered in ice and snow. Because of this there are few permanent settlements. Frigid is also the biggest hub for slave trading.

Location in Space: Center Rim

iMuffin Data

Food/Beverage Services

  • Frigid Fried Rat - Middle Level - Ice Crown City
  • Coffee Hut - Middle Level - Ice Crown City
  • Warlord and Wenches Pub - Lower Level - Ice Crown City

Health Services

  • Cicle Hotel - Middle Level - Ice Crown City
  • Jerodel's Surgery - Lower Level - Ice Crown City

Tourist Hotspots

  • Ice Crown Starport - Top Level - Ice Crown City
  • Royal Palace - Surface Side - Ice Crown City
  • Travel Advisory Warning - Frigid is not a suitable tourist destination!

Danger Zones

  • Abandoned Level of Ice Crown City (OOC - Levels 20+)
  • Glug's Volcano. (OOC - Level 35+)
  • Wrym Spine Mountain (OOC - Level 50+)

Notable Martial Artists

Points of Interest

State of the Universe

Ruler: King Cold

Faction: World Trade Organization

Status: Stable

Lore: The home planet of the World Trade Organization, this naturally draws hostility from other planets and governments.

(OOC - See WTO page for more information)

Suggested Takeover Method: The seat of power for the World Trade Organization, attempting to conquer through force is asking for trouble. Even if one could dispose the current ruler, the powers that be in the WTO would assuredly prepare a reply almost immediately. Frigid's Kryptonite may well be the ambition of several lesser nobles.

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