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Planets are large celestial bodies that orbit stars. In this particular case they are important centers of interest to the game. There are multiple planets, including planets that are off the transportation grid and reachable only through private ship. A list of planets can be found below along with whether the planet is important or backwater. There are asteroids, space stations, and other astral bodies that can be visited but most will not be listed here. Space in DBAT covers only a section of the North Galaxy. Let's face it, galaxies are huge in real life. You wouldn't expect us to do all of North Galaxy let alone South, East, and West along with it. Would you?

Planetary Alignment

Northwest Quadrant                                          Northeast Quadrant
Konack(Important)                                             Aether(Important)
                                                              *Green Nebula Mall(Space Station)
                                                             Red Wormhole
                              Center Rim
                              Blue Wormhole
                              Red Wormhole
Southwest Quadrant                                          Southeast Quadrant
Earth(Important)                                              Cerria(Backwater)
 *Arena of Champions(Space Station)                            Kanassa(Backwater)
 *Celestial Corporation Space Hub(Space Station)
Blue Wormhole

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