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The rules of Dragonball Advent Truth are simple. The best rule to abide by though is by thinking first before every action "Will this action benefit the overall experience of the MUD for everyone?" Being honest about that question will help you go a long way.

  • REPORT rule violations with the report command.

Make sure to read each of the following help files carefully as they may cover specifics that you do not know.

  • Ignorance is not an excuse!

Categories of Rules;

  • Spam:
    • Spamming
    • Botting
  • Abuse:
    • Harassment
    • Mob Stealing
    • Bug Abuse
    • Alt Interaction
    • Forced Erotica
    • Erotic Roleplaying
  • Roleplaying:
    • Character Names
    • In Character
    • IC/OOC Separation
      • IC/OOC Commandments
    • Quests/Areas
    • Player Killing
  • General Play:
    • User Names
    • Email
    • Biographies
    • Voice
    • Multiplay
    • Twinking
    • Eyesore