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We are currently working on upgrades to the back end of the website. Look for new features soon!

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The MUD has been experiencing little coding improvements the past month or so, but a larger "mini" expansion has been planned. This will include...

1: Skills
2: Trainers
3: New effects and abilities added to current skills
4: Racial Bonus tweaking
5: New interactions with MUD environment
6: Character Creation Additions and Refinement
7: More player controlled construction
8: NPC AI upgrades for fighting AND interaction
9: More...

This expansion was mentioned as being before the end of this month, but that is only partly true. Many of the current skills will receive their upgrades within that time frame, but the rest will come by the end of August. There will hopefully be a few more zones released by that period as well. Stay tuned for further details and be sure to make suggestions on the forum.
Posted by: Iovan

Expansion Details Revealed!

In depth details can be found here:

What is going on with the expansion? Well, Iovan has finally given out the much sought after details of what will be changed in the new era. Investing hours and hours of his time, Iovan is leading by example as he intends to make the Fifth Era of Advent-Truth the best one yet. Unfortunately, the sheer volume of the awesomeness that is being built into the mud requires additional time to finish off. The new Era will likely start in the middle of January.

Samael has been putting in a plethora of hours of his own on his end. Clans are being reimagined and redone in a way that should make them better than ever. If you have never been part of a clan, you should definitely plan on checking one out in the new Era!

Advent-Truth also welcomes two new immortals to the staff: Lacrimosa and Alyld. Both show remarkable dedication to the game and an above average ability to handle the responsibilities that come with helping run a MUD.
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Game Updates!

Hello everyone, it has been a while. A while since I have been around and longer since the news has been updated. Anyway without further delay let me get into the meat of this announcement.

The Immortals of DBAT are planning a large expansion to the game in December. This expansion will include but is not limited to...

* Fixing all outstanding bugs.
* Rebalancing combat.
* Adding a minimum of 2 skills to each sensei
* Tweaking newbie starting areas and senseis (newbie quests and things to make it easier for newbies to be engaged by the game and find their way around)
* Additional traits (both positive and negative)
* Rebalance racial bonuses
* Alter transformation requirements to be less stagnant and instead more dynamic.
* Tweak clans/factions to be more worthwhile for players to join and be active in.
* Several new zones to be added.
* Several new quests in old zones to be added or altered.

This expansion will be released right after a pwipe on December 20th or 21st (depending on Immortal schedules). The details on what you will get to keep from this era going into the next will be elaborated on later. Those who have been through previous pwipes will generally understand what to expect.

Find the details in the following thread:

Posted by: Iovan

July Expansion Pack!

Greetings DBATers!

The large 'July Expansion Pack' is now upon us. Over 800 new rooms await to be explored, from the entirely new planet Cerria to expansions of Kanassa, Zenith and Arlia.

Not only that, but new trainers and skills make their home on the MUD. Can you find them and employ them successfully to punish your opponents?

There are also a number of additions, tweaks both big and small. You can check out a full list over at the forums at this link:
Posted by: Samael

Recommended Client

For those players who wish to have the easiest setup process in order to play DBAT without using the flash client we have setup a download for just that purpose. Mushclient is the recommended client among DBAT staff and I have prepared an easy to set up download (complete with instructions) for those interested. It also comes with a log cleaning script prepared by the player Lentholium. You can find this download on the connect page of the website.
Posted by: iovan

Changes to Custom Equipment

Along with a few other options in the games RPP menu having their RPP costs lowered the way custom equipment is purchased has been changed. No longer do you pay the RPP and wait for an immortal to deal with the construction of the piece in question. Players are now able to construct their own custom equipment straight from the RPP menu. Players will only be charged when they confirm the completion of the equipment piece. This coupled with the lowered custom equipment cost (down from 50 RPP to 30 RPP) will make owning your own stylized equipment easier.
Posted by: Iovan

Website Updates

The administration panel for admins is now up! News is much easier to create and change. For normal players, this will currently only affect the "News" page. If anything looks funky, please let me (Sedalis) know either in the mud (mudmail sedalis), email (, or in a forum message (to Sedalis).
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Era Three: Jan 2, 2012

Era three brings a few changes that are sure to be interesting to old and new players alike. First and formost if the release of planet Arlia and the Arlian race (along with sensei). On top of this there have been balance tweaks to the rate money is earned as well as the way humanoid NPCs deal with combat. Dragon Balls now have a selfishness meter that raises as more selfish wishes are made. Some wishes raise it faster than other wishes and only one wish lowers the meter (revival). When the meter passes a threshold the Dragon Balls crack and release the dark energy stored within them in the form of Shadow Dragons. These dragons spread out across the galaxy and must be defeated in order to free up the Dragon Balls once again. The Shadow Dragons will persist across MUD resets or the occasional crash. Lastly Dragon Ball hunters will occasionaly load when the Dragon Ball set loads and will be in possession of a ball themselves.

Enjoy the MUD, players!
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New Planet Released: Aug 28, 2011

The planet Kanassa has been released after being in a stalled development for quite a long time. Along with the release of this planet comes a new sensei that is exclusive to the kanassan race. This sensei is completely original (not from DBZ) and a master in the kanassan art of Hydromancy. If you want to try out this sensei then make a new kanassan and choose her as your sensei in character creation. Even if you do not want to do this there are things to find and enjoy on Kanassa regardless of what race or sensei you have.

Enjoy the MUD, players!
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Posted by: Sedalis

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