This guide will detail the easiest way to get started with the game. It will inform you on the basics of making your account, character, and getting set up on the forum. You don't need to read this guide in order to play. It is only intended to help those new to the game understand the very basics of playing. Step 1: Connecting Step 2: Making Your Account Step 3: Making Your First Character Step 4: The Importance of the MUD School Step 5: Making Your Forum Account Step 6: In Closing

Step 1: Connecting

The easiest way to connect to play the game is to click the connect tab at the top of this page. Then when you arrive at the connection page scroll down and click the link that is labled "click here to play". This will take you to the basic game client which will load up and connect to Dragonball Advent Truth. You will be required to have flash installed on your computer to use this client. To use this client all you need to do is center it in your screen and click on the white bar at the bottom of it. That is your command bar and it is where you input the commands that control the game. You will see the startup page for the game load up on the black screen of the client. This is where you will view and receive information from the game. Several tabs at the top of the client will allow you to control your experience in the game. From changing the font, to logging, to creating aliases and triggers. For more information on those tabs you can ask an experience player from within the game. Using those tabs are not necessary to playing the game. It is ready to be played when it first loads up. There are other more advanced ways to connect to the game but if you are completely new to MUDs (Multi User Domains) of which Dragonball Advent Truth is then you should stick to the basic client detailed above.

Step 2: Making Your Account

You are first prompted to input an account name. If you do not have an account already all you need to do is decide on the name you want for your account and enter it. This name is not your character name. It is the name used to access your account and is displayed in certain channels where your character name would not be appropriate. If the prompt asked for a password then this account already exists. Type in "return" without quotes and press enter. This will prompt you for the username again. Once you have entered your desired name and confirmed it then you will be prompted to give it a password. Try to make your password easy to remember but hard to guess. You will be able to freely change your password in the future if you decide to so keep that in mind. After you have entered your desired password you will be asked to enter an email address. This is required and the email should be valid. You will not have to validate the email yourself. So do not worry about having to wait to play the game. Finally your account has been made and you will be brought to the user menu. In the user menu you will see some obvious data displayed as well as some not so obvious data. You do not need to worry about Max Characters or RP Points at this time. Toward the bottom of the menu you will see many different options to select from. I will explain what they are and what they do. The first three options are your character slots. These are where your characters are stored. Initially you can only have a maximum of three characters for your account (only one account per person as well). So if you fill up all three slots you will either need to purchase additional slots with in game points known as RPP or delete one of your characters. Few people actually run into this issue so do not worry. The next set of options are: (B) Buy New C. Slot (15 RPP) You do not need to worry about this yet. It is for purchasing additional character slots. (D) Delete User If you want to delete your user and start a different user for some reason you can use this option. (E) Email This allows you to change the email address associated with your user account. (P) New Password This allows you to change the password associated with your user account. (Q) Quit This allows you to quit the game. It will disconnect the client from the game safely. What you will want to enter your first time playing is "1" without quotation marks. This will select your first character slot and begin the process of creating a character for it (as it is empty starting out).

Step 3: Making Your First Character

You will be asked to name your character. This name is important to the identity of your character so give it some thought. After that you will be presented with the Race Selection menu. This menu is used to determine what race you want to play as. You can find out information on each race by toggling on the help menu. You do this by entering "t". Some races will be unable to be chosen initially due to costing RPP to purchase. Do not worry though as only three of the races out of the fourteen available are restricted in this fashion. All the races regardless of cost are balanced so that play with any of them can be fun and top tier. The following menus after this one will not be described as they should be more inuitive now that you have had character creation explain so far. Once you have finished creating your character through all the menus you will arrive at the character menu. This is the main menu for the selected character slot. You can enter the game, change the character's description, delete it, quit the game, or return to the user menu. Enter "1" without quotation marks to enter the game.

Step 4: The Importance of the MUD School

You will start in a location known as the MUD School. This is a tutorial to teach you the basics of playing the game. It is important that you pay attention while in this location and learn as much as you can before leaving. Follow all it's instructions and you will be better off for it when you leave the school.

Step 5: Making Your Forum Account

This is not necessary to playing the game immediately. Get a feel for playing the game and if you happen to enjoy it then this step becomes necessary. It is required to make a biography for any character you have in the game. This requirement comes into play when the character in question has had a play time of over twenty four hours. This is not time it has existed but time you have played it. So if you played for only five hours and then didn't log back on for several days you are not over the limit. The playtime would only be five hours. To make the bio for your character you will need a forum account. The forum can be found at the top of this page by clicking the Forum tab. Sign up for an account there. Validate it by email and then notify an immortal (Game Staff) to validate it completely (A measure nessesary due to spam bots). Once your account is fully validated then you will need to post your biography in the Biographies Board. This is located in the Roleplay Board of the forum. You will find a thread there that details the rules of the board and how to write your character's biography. When your biography is ready inform an immortal so they can approve it. If they approve it then you will receive 1 RPP and not have to worry about it anymore.

In Closing...

Everyone at Dragonball Advent Truth hopes you will enjoy it and stay with us. We also suggest you read the RP guide and FAQ to truely master the basics of playing the game. DBAT is an incredibly fun game with a great community.

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