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Era XI Tournament! (lvl 20 Cap)

16 March 2019 - 12:45 AM

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalright!!! It’s Tournament tiiiiiiime!!


It’s time for our annual tournament folks! Everyone and anyone who is a someone should absolutely be here! Come one, come all!


[OOC: The Tournament will be taking place on Saturday, March 23rd, 2019 at 5PM EST. I will be willing to adjust this, but I would really like to do it within the first cap since Suzumebachi and Rillao need more time with this one to get the skills adjusted. I figured this would help pass the time!]






1. No guns. Sorry folks.


2. Fights will be limited to five minutes each, to prevent people from hiding and resting.


3. If you wish to Roleplay your fight, feel free to do so afterwards and in between matches.


4. Once the event has begun, there will be thirty minutes to attend.


5. There will be a brief pause between rounds so fighters can recuperate if necessary.


6. If your fight is called and you do not show within five minutes, your fight will first be skipped, then forfeit if necessary.


7. Killing will count as a disqualification. This only applies to stuff like Kienzan, Twin Slash, etc


8. Armor will be given to the participants to wear, if desired. There will be no custom armors allowed, as the low level cap makes it hard to damage anyone with one, let alone more.


9. These rules might be Subject to change before the event. If they are, I will notify all by posting here, discord, and a message on the game.





1st Place: Galactic Diamond Tournament Belt + 20 RPP + 50k zenni + Bragging Rights


2nd Place: Galactic Emerald Tournament Belt + 15 RPP + 25k zenni


3rd Place: Galactic Crystal Tournament Belt + 10 RPP + 10k zenni


Everyone else: 2 RPP for participating.


Sign ups will be below.  Use account name and character name to help us all.