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#31428 Era XI Tournament! (lvl 20 Cap)

Posted by Demon on 24 March 2019 - 12:53 AM

What an exciting tournament, folks. Perhaps one of the best ones I've seen in years!


Our winners!


1st Place: Shunjin - Mirage

2nd Place: Turent - Dccoker

3rd Place: Hera - Del


Thanks again, everyone, and keep an eye/ear open for more.

#31256 Early game equipment shuold cost 10x less than it does

Posted by Demon on 02 March 2019 - 01:14 AM

Will look into this with Rillao and discuss options later. I agree completely, the prices of pretty much all of the armors are not worth their benefits.

#30702 headbutt, a thing for almost every mob BUT YOU!

Posted by Demon on 14 February 2018 - 11:19 PM

If I added in headbutt I'd probably make it more of a sort of short battle kind of thing, headbutt vs headbutt, str vs con, speed vs speed.


example, you try to headbutt a dude, if your roll is better he'll take more damage you'll take none, if his roll is better you'll still deal damage but you'll take some too.  Just as a "my head is thicker than yours!" deal.


I'd probably also remove the x3 crit from it, and make it just head vs head/block/dodge/parry/miss.  Because. Who tries to headbutt a leg? honestly?  Aside from Gohan, who knocked himself out cold after smashing into Raditz' belly, but that's only because he had no fighting experience and just wanted to blast himself towards him.


It could also be (potentially) used as a form of minor stun like tribeam, but in a different/lesser form if they 'critical' with the headbutt roll.


I dunno, could use a lot of thought but I'm not overly against this idea.

#30408 G'day

Posted by Demon on 16 January 2018 - 05:45 AM

Who are you again??? 

#30257 Few ideas

Posted by Demon on 08 September 2017 - 07:08 PM

I've actually added a couple of items like this (the skill bonuses) to the game, but the area is not yet complete. Don't worry, though, because it'll be out sooner or later.


As for barrier, I'll talk to Rillao and we'll talk about. This doesn't necessarily mean that we're GOING to change it, just that the possibility is there.

#30235 Patreon Forum Hall of Fame

Posted by Demon on 01 September 2017 - 03:35 PM

I'm going to post every month who has donated on which tier. If you don't want to be on this list and you are, please, inform one of the immortal staff and we'll remove you post-haste.  Without further adieu-





Half-Breed Saiyan




Full Saiyan



False Super Saiyan



Super Sandwhich



Thank you, patrons, for your support of this game.


#30189 DBAT's New Donation System

Posted by Demon on 24 August 2017 - 06:22 AM



We're now going to use patreon as well as paypal for donations for the game.  Patreon will be for those who don't want to continue to use paypal because of how irritating it can be to use and or handle.


Patreon is new to all of us on the immortal for the most part, so bear with us as we go through the motions.  Donations and rewards will be handled at the first of the month to avoid people from abusing the system of it.  We're going to avoid pay to win, as you can see from our rewards. No RPP is going to be given, and no super helpful items are going to be earned through it. 


Please make sure to PM me with your username on patreon if you donate, if they're not the same as the ones on the game. Thanks!


If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to ask.

#29979 Feedback for this Era's Changes

Posted by Demon on 04 June 2017 - 08:27 PM

I would answer a lot of these problems, but there's the issue of 


"hey, I can't reveal any of these secrets because its not the right timing for it"




"hey, this is supposed to be shrouded in mystery for a little while, so its not the right time for it"


so. Yeah.  You're complaining that "you're only a half-breed", but haven't seen what ssj4 is like.  I'll probably give a longer, more thought out response here later, when I have time to think about how to go about explaining some things.


Your feedback is appreciated, I was thinking of starting a thread in a week or two, when people who are power grinders have a real chance to take a look at all the stuff available to them.  Jumped the gun a little there, Cerb. :P

#29679 Create highest

Posted by Demon on 31 March 2017 - 03:17 AM

Senzu and Elixirs aren't exactly free as they have a PS cost to them. 50 for the former, and 10 for the latter, last I checked. Not to mention all of your PL/KI/STA.


Adding in weighted gear could be fun, but you gotta remember, that the skill is already strong enough as is- if we buff it any more, it would be *too* good so we'd have to get rid of some other part of it, to change out.

#29555 Hoi-poi! It's a dynocap!

Posted by Demon on 21 March 2017 - 06:56 PM

If the save room will act like the auction house one, they'll vanish on copyovers/crashes.

#29547 Hoi-poi! It's a dynocap!

Posted by Demon on 21 March 2017 - 04:24 AM

I can see a few ways to do this, at least, in a way that makes sense.


The problem is, however, loading special items you spent 5ever grinding for, that gives +10000 to each stat that it gives, and has that sweet, sweet 2 token slots on it.


the item is purged when it goes into the 'loaded cap' and then loaded once more when you throw the cap again, meaning you just lost your uber shirt of ultra domination for a less uber shirt of mild domination.


basically, it'll get rid of the item, and save the number that it would load, then reload it, with a different stats because the original item is gone.


This also means that grinding gear would basically be ezpz because all you need is that one copy and you can spam caps over and over and over and over until your shirt becomes uber legendary shirt of shirty-ness.


Decent idea.


In practice, less decent.

#29451 Sheathing

Posted by Demon on 16 March 2017 - 01:42 AM

  1. [13058] Ascended Soul Sheath 
  2. [13059] Destiny Soul Double Sheath 
  1. [  542] Black Polished Scabbard 
  2. [17515] Dragon's Blood Scabbard  
  3. [18232] Calor's Scabbard 
^ Sheaths.  The black polished scabbard is level 0, IIRC, and is able to be worn on the back and waist, as with the ascended and destiny soul.
The other two are wieldable.
There's also another that's a quest reward, but I won't spoil what it is.
>alias sheath remove $*;put $* scabbard






#29347 "My Reaction When" Thread [Not Mobile Friendly]

Posted by Demon on 10 March 2017 - 06:59 AM



MFW the image above mine isn't even a good of a reaction gif.

#29342 "My Reaction When" Thread [Not Mobile Friendly]

Posted by Demon on 10 March 2017 - 03:23 AM



MFW Kay thought it was cute to start a porn thread and then say I requested it.

#29322 Squad Goals: Kyuri Biography [Geriatric]

Posted by Demon on 09 March 2017 - 05:24 AM

Name: Kyuri


Age: 60 (this is at 13 during the saiyan v truffle war)




Sensei: The harsh reality of the combat zone was the only real teacher Kyuri had.


Alignment: Saiyan- otherwise known as Evil.


Over-arching Goal: Find some fun in this time of peace.  Stagnation makes you weak, and no one wants to be weak.




Standing just around six feet tall, this Saiyan man's head is obscured by a mess of short and spiky jet black hair.  A matching pair of black eyes watch the area carefully.  Various scars marr his tanned flesh, a nod to the countless battles he's participated in.  Most notably is a solitary scar that runs above and below his left eye.  His facial hair has been trimmed short, leaving nothing but short stubble in the style of five o'clock shadow.  A long, fuzzy brown tail flicks about behind him, keeping busy at all times.




Planet Vegeta- rather, Planet Plant- had been home to both Saiyans and Truffles, many years ago.  Like many others before him, Kyuri had been born an aspiring warrior, eager for a fight, to train.  And much like many of those countless, nameless warriors, the poor Saiyan child had been sorted into one of the two of the worst castes, Second Class.  The first losers, Second Class warriors weren't treated much better than the third class, but only just.  Perhaps, spared a beating, or spared a scorned look by one of the two higher castes, Elite and First Class. Often enough, the Second Class was often forgotten, or used as cannon fodder along with the Third Class Saiyans, which is exactly what happened during the Saiyan versus Truffle war, during the uprising.


Kyuri had never been in any position of responsibility before, aside from a responsibility to live on and keep the good fight going. Budding into his early teens, he found himself in charge of a group of three other Saiyans, why... he never was really sure.  He constantly told himself that it was because it was his few years of experience, or his ambition. He was probably wrong. Ten long years of combat went by, and he found himself growing attached to the squad that he managed. They relied on him, just as much as Kyuri relied on the three of them. Ten years... trust building, combat exercises- it was like a sick game. Survive the day, and you won.  Die, and you lose. It was like that all the way til the climactic ending of the war during the full moon.  As the dust settled and the sun began to rise, the now twenty three year old adult Saiyan took a headcount, and all of his squad was alive.. and seemed to be fine.


Many more years followed, and with them came countless battles with his squad. This all came to a crashing halt as their forced 'retirement' was put into place, and the squad was forced to split and instead work as guard duty for Vegetos Palace. Gone were the days of constant battling, of fighting for his life day in and day out. It was a bittersweet memory- and in his olding age it was something he longed for more than any other.  His fighting spirit never left him, and his ambitions remained high, despite the years slowly ticking by.  After he finally reached the age of sixty, a part of him finally gave up.


He sat alone at the Busted Skull Pub in Vegetos City, the local bar.  This place was like a second home for him, a place where he spent the majority of his free time reminiscing and sharing old war stories with some of his fellow veterans. It was then that a Saiyan youth, someone who had never seen any true war, any true battles, came in and started causing trouble. He was followed by a ragtag group of his cronies.  Together, they were nothing like the old school squads.  We were a working machine. Them? They barely even knew each other. The ringleader of the group went up to the first older Saiyan, someone Kyuri vaguely recognized from the old Kanassan days.


“What’s wrong, old man? Too busy pissing yourself to fight back?  Or is it that you’re too old that you might keel over if you defend yourself?”  The youth knocked over the table, causing Kyuri to rouse himself from his thoughts. “All of you! Hate this new time of peace, but don’t realize that it means that we’re safe.. And can focus on other shit. Women. Class. Money. Indulge yourself, don’t spend your time here bitching all day and do something!The group of cronies nodded and echoed his last words, “do something.”


In a way, his words made sense to the old Veteran. This new time of peace… meant other things could be focused on.  Kyuri zoned for a moment, and instead of thinking of the old days… his thoughts moved onward.  To the future.  Maybe… he was right.


A few moments pass, and then an old surge settled in.  The Saiyan stood up suddenly, then rushed forward and gripped the front of the youth’s shirt. “Look here you little shit! No one gives a fuck about your prosperous future bullshit!  We’re saiyans! We’re supposed to war!” A fury settled into the old Saiyan, and before the sputtering youth could reply, the man thrusts his head forwards, and smashes the poor kid’s nose.  He goes flying back, tripping back over the upturned table.  Nose bleeding, the youth quickly ran out along with his cronies.  Breathing heavily, Kyuri gripped his hands tight and growled, the feeling of his fighting spirit returned to him.  He felt like breaking someone’s neck… felt like causing more trouble.  A maelstrom of emotions raged within him, and before he did anything else, Kyuri bolted out of the bar to find his old squad mates.  They would understand.  They would want to fight together once more- he was their leader, after all, and they would follow his command.

Graded by: Rillao
Approved, good luck with being old!