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16 March 2019 - 01:06 AM

[Lancer] summons.. Aze!

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27 August 2018 - 08:50 PM

Not going to get too in-depth with other replies in here since folks have a lot more time logged in game than me, just going to throw something WAAAAY out there from a noob's perspective:

Dealing with level capping/gating/advancement speed appears to be a perennial concern. Being a molecule on the spec of dust stuck to the ant beneath a high level character's boot isn't engaging RP. This appears to be the root of the problem that gating, rpp, and timed releases of level tiers is trying to address. Why not flip it on its head? Don't cap growth speed out the gates. Put a hard cap on growth at the upper end, and offer viable forms of engagement in their place while everyone's on a closer to level playing field. This is all just general outline level stuff, and I'm sure there would be other considerations necessary to account for, but:

  • At a certain PL, you reach the upper limit of what a mortal  (or corporeal for you non-standard races) form can maintain without impacting the fabric of space-time. You either maintain at this base cap and can engage in the affairs of the living world, or can choose to ascend to the afterlife as a revered champion of your galaxy. Once you ascend, you have the option to keep powering up to your heart's content against others that have ascended, or offering a source of training (perhaps with limitations) and interaction for those who die in the normal day to day.
    • Additionally, this could add some interesting potential to the dragon balls on limited-time resurrections. Commune with the ascended spirit, bring them back for a limited time (few days, week, whatever) to potentially help you achieve your goals or get backstabbed in the process. Playing with powers beyond mortal understanding can have dangerous consequences.
  • For the folks who don't choose to ascend, give incentives to bring players together, and ways to advance interaction and plots:
    • Allow a group/clan/guild/school system that provides bonuses for both leaders and subordinates for working together.
      • Accelerated learning under a leader/superior, material perks, training facilities, maybe with some variation/flavor from one group to another.
      • Grouped characters can't attack players a certain threshold weaker than they are. Fine if this isn't hard coded, and blackballing/hunting down the offender of this code becomes an IC thing. This should cut down on grief killing, but still allow for other avenues of antagonistic interaction, and be an incentive for lower players to find a team they like.
      • Number of groups would be limited (maybe 1 representing each major planet?), and leaders would have to maintain some amount of activity for group upkeep/holding their slot. This could be performance based, such as lowest-performing group over x amount of time gets cleared, member count based, or something else.
    • Give those groups something to work toward/fight over:
      • Allocate some number of the dragonballs to have been hunted down by an overarching group (Celestal Corp? Dunno here), with them as grand prizes. Resources for equipment, facilities, training, xp bonuses, all sorts of options for rewards like this.
      • Both individual and team combat tournaments, possibly with scripted npc's for more variation/twists
      • Competitions that might be easily scriptable for staff: capture the flag, last man standing melees, galaxy-wide hunts/races to kill mobs that require teamwork to take down/etc. Different sensei/race combos might be more effective at different competitions.
    • Make spectating group competitions a 'big' thing. News/IC notices, wagering, merging the spectating arena with a newbie starting zone somewhere. This both gives a chance for new players to see what the 'end game' stuff, and an avenue for recruitment if it can lead to player interaction.