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Look Keywords

22 February 2018 - 12:08 AM

One thing I love about MUDs these days, is most of them have short descriptions. And a remember/dub system.


One thing I find super frustrating, is that gender isn't considered a keyword. Meaning, look 'male' and look 'female' doesn't work, neither does a notable feature. You can't 'look spiky' or 'look amber'. Unless you dub them those things.


I know it's as simple as just randomly dubbing everyone you fucking see, but who does that? (Y'know, except the handful of people who do.)


It'd just be more convenient if you could use more then just race as a keyword. It'd also be nice if you could use shortdescs in emotes-targets.

Ship Summoner

19 February 2018 - 01:45 AM

I'm sure this has come up before, and in order to make it not abused, I would suggest it only work on areas classified as open air, and that it uses like X amount of fuel. The ship must also already be on the planet, or in low orbit around the planet. You require the key in hand (maybe the key could even be the device to summon it, could add like a trigger or something).


It would not extend to autopilot in space, just like, a locator button.


I bring this up also, because it's entirely canon as far as I remember. I specifically remember Vegeta doing this, pressing a button and calling his pod to him.


It shouldn't come with the ship though, it should be like an 'upgrade' that you buy. As long as you have the key in your possession. The idea for this, is really because if you don't land on a ship pad, you have to remember where you parked.


It'd have to have like a cooldown too, of like a full IRL hour to prevent people doing it to troll, or fuck around.

Era Specific Plot Hooks

06 February 2018 - 01:22 AM

Now, this idea was something that I admit is a little crazy, but I've seen it work in many places. Though, I do wonder what other people might think about it.


The idea for this, each Era, something big can be destroyed. This can be a planet, a sensei, a race. It just goes kablooey, and everything it has with it. It's been brought up before, in the past, jokingly. Like an era without space ships, or IT.


It wouldn't require much more then a tag on the chargen screen that states "Unavailible" and puts a lock on the races. It doesn't even have to be from the beginning of the era, either, it could happen somewhere down the line.


Since we restart each new era anyway, all things could be re-added post-era, or, as an RP wish if you find the dragonballs. It gives goals, incentive, and reason for players to all get together, and go on adventures. It can pit players vs players. Especially if it was a player who completed a Planet Takeover, then subsequently went all Deathstar on it.


Now, I know this would be a huuuge step, were it to actually become a thing. But it would leave a bigger impression on each era, and such as we move forward. I just think of it like this, I'd love to see an era where Saiyans do get decimated and only a handful are left. This would be accomplished by letting X number of Saiyans to create, then blow up the planet.

And I know there's like, fancy loot on some of these planets but c'mon guys, you can go without your +1 Headband of Awesomesauce for an era. There's other ways to compensate.


It'd just make each era different, in more then just what characters have been rerolled, remade, or rehashed.


I dunno. Maybe it's worth it, maybe it's not. I just know it'd be fun.


And to build upon this, people would be able to wish the destroyed stuff back via the dragonballs. RP wish. And if it's done up like a flip-switch type deal, it's just 'boom' you have Saiyans back. Then nothing else can be blown up again for the rest of the era. Reasons to bring back a planet, is simple as "treasure" (Loot), or because you lived there/sensei there. 


The only thing I haven't figured out is how sensei's would then need to be moved, or outright destroyed. That would be the biggest issue. Especially if someone blew up Earth, but then, Earth is very important in general for all of this to work anyway so I guess Earth would be the _only_ planet that couldn't actually be blown up. Threatened, and taken over, but never outright blown up.


Beyond that, I feel like if we could work this out somehow, it might solve a lot of problems. It'd make Dragonballs more important, factions more important, conflict, alliances. Etc. Especially if coupled in there with a semi-perma-AL for PKs, but NPC deaths are just some hospital visit. By this, I mean, requiring Dragonballs to bring someone back, completely. With no RPP revivals.


If 'destroyed' variables, were  taken out and specifically looked at on a one-by-one basis, it might actually lead to some racial balancing too. You could see how it effects the game when the variable is removed, like Saiyans, or Vegeta, for example, and see where players flock towards. How the powercreep works without that element. Then you could throw in some little bit of plot to make up for the sudden disappearance. Then either drop it back in under the pretense of a wish, or have Players actually wish it back for whatever IC reason might follow.

It'd be nice to see an era where an entire race was actually decimated, or a sensei was assassinated. See where people go with things. It would mean those who had the sensei originally would be able to pick a new one that made sense on the list they got to pick from in chargen.