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Main Timeline
Divine Age - The age when Gods walked the mortal plane. Dates of this era are completely estimates from the stand point of historians.
Before Age - The period of time between Divine and Age. More of the dates given in this period can be considered somewhat close to accurate.
Age - The period of time after Before Age and leading to and into the game era.
The dates given here should be considered in relation to the MUD year at era start. So if the MUD year was 234 for example at era start, the destruction of the Hoshijin Home World could be considered to happen roughly 150,000 years before that.
Divine Age
42 million DA - Iovan and Duo create Samael. Samael shows great dedication during this time and climbs the ranks, becoming an overseer of sorts in regards to the creation of life.
25 million DA - Samael, for the first time, begins to question the guidelines of creating life, set down by Iovan and Duo. All mortals at this time are only capable of worshipping the god that created their world and were incapable of impure thoughts. He challenges this, arguing that mortals should be given more free will to live their lives. It is quickly discounted however.
18 million DA - In secret, Samael perfects and puts into practice his art of giving free will to mortals. Some time after, Iovan discovers this affront and tries to fix it to no avail. A violent war between Samael and Iovan breaks out. The remaining gods side with Iovan and assist him against the being now known as the Deceiver.
15 million DA - Hell is created for evil people to go to when they die. Samael makes it his home and creates the first demons at this time, despite the war raging all across the mortal plane. At this time, the Z-sword is also created and gifted to the Kaios. The wielder of the Z-sword during this era is known as the Daikaioshin.
10 million DA - The war of the gods reaches it's climax. With Iovan and Duo unable to kill Samael, Duo and several lesser gods make the ultimate sacrifice, giving their own lives to seal Samael in a prison he would be unable to escape from. This meets with success and the war ends. Iovan and the remaining gods flee from the mortal plane to mourn for their losses, while creating a new set of rules that all gods must abide by, lest they face punishment.
Before Age
5 Million BA - An evil wizard known as Babidi creates what is perhaps (but not necessarily) the first of the Majin species, the being known as Majin Buu. With this monster, they destroy thousands of planets in the following years. The Supreme Kaios, tasked with the protection of the universe in the absence of the immortals, fight this threat and manage to defeat it, though it costs their entire order bar one, East Supreme Kai. After killing Babidi, East Supreme Kai leaves the shell of Buu on Earth.
2 Million BA - The Hoshijin and Kai make contact for the first time in their recorded histories. The former are somewhat jealous that the Kais are much longer lives than they are.
150,000 BA - Calamity strikes the Hoshijin home world, killing most of their people. Those that survived take to ships and flee the planet before its destruction.
10,000 BA - After many years of struggle and searching for the ideal planet to settle on, Jinto and his Hoshijin followers found a colony on Zenith.
739 BA - Princess Snake becomes the princess of Snake Way and settles into her castle beside it.
420 BA - A being known as Dean Vidar becomes 'Emperor' and begins conquering planets, forging himself a large galactic empire in the process. It is the first such empire to be formed.
278 BA - Civil war breaks out on Konack. Truffle Scientists assist the wizards of House Kashvar (Now known as House Sereg-Vanma) to create Hirudegarn. The beast unleashes untold destruction on the world before finally being stopped by the brothers Tapion and Minosha, the last members of the Swordmasters of Honnorleth. For their actions, the brothers are awarded the gift of immortality by a stranger.
262 BA - The original super saiyan appears and wrecks havoc across the known universe. This severely weakens the empire of Dean Vidar in the process.
250 BA - The Icerians take to the stars and begin forging an empire of their own. They encounter the empire of Dean Vidar that is struggling to rebuild in the wake of the Super Saiyan's destruction. The Icerian Dynasty declares war on them, making large use of armies from enslaved populaces, especially mutant kind.
80 BA - The long and brutal war between the Vidar empire and that of the Icerians is completed, with the Icerians emerging victorious. The Icerian King decides to purge all knowledge of his opponent from history (that his armies can find) in order to form an image that the Icerian Dynasty could not be challenged by any.
50 BA - Korin is born on Earth.
250 Age - Baba begins her fortune telling business.
261 Age - King Yemma travels snake way to get training from King Kai. Princess Snake meets and falls in love with him. On Namek, violent storms ravage the planet and destroy many of the life giving Ajisa plants, causing a drought. Katas sends his son away on a space ship to avoid death, but the storms stop and no one follows the child. All Nameks, except for Guru, perished. The child faces problems and is forced to make a landing on the planet Earth. The young Namek's name is unknown.
430 Age - Master Roshi is born.
453 Age - Master Roshi is able to retrieve the Sacred Water from Korin, after three years of trying.
461 Age - Garlic tries to take over the Earth in response to Earth's Kami not choosing him as his successor. He is defeated and trapped by Kami. The child of Katas is the chosen one and ascends to the throne of Kami after separating himself from the evil in his being. The evil in Kami's being separates and forms King Piccolo. The King Piccolo wars begin. Piccolo leads a reign of terror across the Earth, but is sealed in the Denshi Jar by Mutaito's Mafuba technique. Mutaito dies as a result of performing the move.
527 Age - The Icerian Empire, forged on conquest - as well as plagued by decadent rulers for two centuries, has almost crumbled entirely. At this point King Cold ascends to the throne and disbands the Empire entirely, laying out his vision for the World Trade Organization. The WTO expands slowly and more carefully than the Icerian Empire before it.
553 Age - The first Saiyans land on planet Plant.
720-730 Age - The Saiyan-Tuffle war takes place. Tuffle scientist Dr. Raichi is killed. The Tuffles are believed completely destroyed by the Saiyans. The Saiyans take control of the planet and rename it Planet Vegeta. The Saiyans are approached by the Arcosians and offered technology in exchange for help finding a new world for the Arcosians to live on. The Saiyans begin space travel and meet aliens from other planets.
731 Age - The Saiyans and World Trade Organization strike up an agreement that sees the Saiyans acting as Mercenaries. The zenni brought in from this is greatly beneficial to the Saiyan throne.
737 Age - Goku is born and the first Saiyan is sent to Earth by Bardock. The planet Kanassa is attacked by the World Trade Organization and the Kanassan people thought extinct at this time. This also marks the end of the contract between the Saiyans and the World Trade Organization. Despite attempts to renew it by King Cold, King Vegeta declines. The Saiyans are now rich enough and powerful enough to stand on their own in the scheme of galactic politics. Because of this, the World Trade Organization's growth is stunted somewhat.
749 Age - Goku and Bulma meet on their respective search for Dragonballs.
750 Age - The Red Ribbon Army begins it's quest for the Dragonballs. This brings them and Goku into conflict, ultimately ending in the RRA's destruction by the end of the year. In the wake of their defeat, the mad scientist Dr Gero flees to his mountain laboratory and begins working on his artificial human program.
753 Age - King Piccolo resurfaces looking to begin his reign of terror a new. Goku kills King Piccolo, who spawns a child named simply Piccolo.
something something people cried and stuff got removed again
Final Note: The timeline is subject to change at our discretion. If any of the major history points are changed, people will be notified.

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