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#31432 Era XI Tournament! (lvl 20 Cap)

Posted by Rukh on 24 March 2019 - 03:34 AM in Updates

I wasn't there, but thanks for the feedback, Soren! I welcome anyone else to do the same; you guys are the reason we run stuff like this, so anything we can do to try and make it better will only benefit everyone.

#31427 Connection Problem (As of 3-22-19)

Posted by Rukh on 23 March 2019 - 12:55 AM in Support

Finally was able to get home and correct the issue.


We're back up, sorry about the long wait guys.

#31402 Tournament Restrictions

Posted by Rukh on 16 March 2019 - 07:31 PM in Out of Character

Oh dont get me wrong, I fault no man for taking the time to be better than others. I have always been okay with people overcapping or getting every small advantage they can, as long as it was intended, because that's why those mechanics exist. In my eyes, if you weren't meant to be able to overcap, I would remove the static gains. They're meant to be a hurdle that can be overcome with effort.

I still subscribe to Iovans train of thought (as I have come to understand it) that people should be rewarded for their time and effort.


That is just simply not what this tournament is about. We already have an immense obstacle in our way (mid ki update) which falls on us, and is no fault of the players.

#31400 Tournament Restrictions

Posted by Rukh on 16 March 2019 - 05:37 PM in Out of Character

First off, and I've told you this before:


No one complained




I've put similar work in, and just effectively ruled myself out of participation


The idea behind this is to give everyone a fighting chance and to let their specific combinations and abilities shine, not their ability to invest time.

#31386 Era XI Tournament! (lvl 20 Cap)

Posted by Rukh on 16 March 2019 - 03:05 AM in Updates

Adding some additional stuff that I'd like to clarify:


If you have interest in participating and your schedule is getting in the way, please let us know and we'll do everything we can to help you out.


1. Weapon users will be provided weapons, tier 2 quality.

2. Blatantly overcapping your stats will disallow you from participating. E.g. if your PL/Ki/St are hovering around 100k (or higher), that's gonna be a hard no from me, dawg.


I had something else I wanted to add but got distracted by an armada of bugs

#31316 Housing / Transportation

Posted by Rukh on 07 March 2019 - 06:03 PM in Updates



  • Purchased for 50RPP up-front.
  • Era-based rent dependent on location.*
  • 15 rooms maximum, can use less as you wish.
  • Remodel-able by the owner.
  • Amenities provided (Htank, Grav Chamber, etc).
  • Extra fees dependent on options.**

These will persist between eras, and only one character may have access to it as a personal house. Only one house may be purchased per account. The player will retain a healthy amount of freedom on location and insides, but immortal interaction will be required to build it to your layout and adding it in. Immortals reserve the right to veto an entrance location if we feel it is unseemly (e.g. you won't have your house below Nexus Square on Earth).


Rental Fees:

  • Earth: 5
  • Frigid: 15
  • Vegeta: 10
  • Namek: 5
  • Space: 30
  • Konack: 10
  • Kanassa: 20
  • Other: 25

Other is defined as not on this list; if you pick Aether, Zenith, etc, it is included in other. Rental fees are not processed until you are given your key. This means if you go an era without requesting access to your house, you will not be charged the applicable fee. Up-front rental fee is in addition to your purchase for the current era; if purchased later in the era we will likely give you a reprieve on the cost. (e.g. if you purchase your house/access to house halfway into the era, we won't charge you the full 30 for a space house).


Extra Fees:


  • Landing Pad, 2RPP (This is applicable to planets mostly, and only if you want to be able to land at a room inside of your house; must have a landing pad room built)
  • NPC's, maximum three, 2RPP each

Extra fees incurred are one-time only.


All prices subject to changing.






  • Purchased for 20RPP
  • 4-room ships, remodel-able by the player
  • 5RPP for all amenities, one-time purchase
  • 5RPP rent each era as access is granted.
  • One ship per account, usable by one character.

Ship amenities: Grav gen, Htank, Food/drink dispenser

#31314 Era XI Changes

Posted by Rukh on 07 March 2019 - 05:30 PM in Updates

Finally got restringing finished and added in. All major planets and the space mall now have a spot dedicated to restringing. The command to use in the puzzlemaster's room is:


"Restring <keyword>"

#31277 Era XI Changes

Posted by Rukh on 04 March 2019 - 09:07 PM in Updates

Nerfed the experience required to level from 99 to 100 by 20%

#31240 Era XI Changes

Posted by Rukh on 28 February 2019 - 02:47 AM in Updates

I also forgot to mention that the XP TNL rpp option is now 50% instead of 25%.


It doesn't reflect that visually cause I'm a dummy, but I assure you it works.

#31235 Era XI Changes

Posted by Rukh on 27 February 2019 - 08:01 AM in Updates

Some changes I did:


"tailhide" and "nogrow" commands.


Tailhide hides your tail as a saiyan or half-breed, and nogrow will just.. keep it from growing back. Tailhide has other intended effects that I'm not listing because it's not fully implemented (a bit complex for me, sorry).

#31234 Era XI Changes

Posted by Rukh on 27 February 2019 - 07:58 AM in Updates

Because I'm too lazy to re-type all of this out, here's Suzumebachi's post in Discord:


@everyone Ladies, Gentlemen, and non-conformists alike. The time has come. The MUD is opening for the new era!!! Please be patient with this launch, as not everything is converted yet. Currently all the t2 skills as well as a couple of t3s are converted to the new system. More changes will be made Friday, as well as any minor bugfixes. Major ones need to be reported to @Rillao, myself, and any other IMMs you see on. Use the in-game bug reporting and typo reporting as well. Anything major needs to be brought up the same way, and pinged here so they can be posted in our chat. There's a great possibility that things may have been missed, update related stuff, and non. To use the new system, simply enter the command as normal. "Kamehameha target" etc. Attacks in the new system will undergo a cast time period, which you may see several, or just 1 or 2 messages before the attack fires. Most will have more output added later. If you manage to enter a beam clash (which will be caused if you end your casts relatively close to each other), some new actions appear. ppush and pcharge. ppush consumes 30% of your charged ki, for a moderate temporary boost to your damage. pcharge consumes 5% of your charged ki to add a permanent boost to your attack (for the duration of the struggle) You may still use charge during beam struggles as well.
-IF YOU FIND YOURSELF STUCK IN A BEAM STRUGGLE, DOCUMENT WHAT HAPPENED BEFORE/DURING. PREFERABLY WITH SCREENSHOTS OR COPIED TEXT TO THE FORUMS- To exit a beam struggle/cast early, a new command "abort" has been added. Any feedback, post in the suggestions tab. ANY OTHER SUGGESTIONS POSTED PRIOR TO THE START OF THE ERA WILL BE LOOKED AT FRIDAY, IF YOUR CHANGE IDEA DIDN'T MAKE IT IN, THERE'S STILL A CHANCE. THIS ERA WILL HAVE MANY CHANGES UP-FRONT, so relax until you see me login, then scream. We realize that the majority of the attacks put into the new system are not fully fleshed-out visually. We wanted you guys to have access ASAP, and they will be fixed in the coming weeks. Also, TITLES ARE WORKING NOW! Don't have to change them every login anymore :D! Other than that, have fun, and enjoy. I put a -LOT- of time and effort into this new system, and I just hope you guys enjoy it. p.s. ki attacks got a buff across the board based on your int (other stat adjustments coming soon TM)

#31233 Era XI now open!

Posted by Rukh on 27 February 2019 - 07:58 AM in Updates

Cheers lovelies, keep your eyeballs on the changes thread, should be getting some good stuff in there in the coming days.

#31219 Era XI Changes

Posted by Rukh on 15 February 2019 - 04:59 AM in Updates

Episode XI



Here we are again at the dawn of a new era. Suzumebachi has been hard at work getting everything rolling. The "patch notes" may seem rather sparse, but they involved a lot of work. We all know what that is (probably), too!




What does that mean for us?


A few things, namely that all ki abilities now have a cast time and a cooldown. This isn't MMORPG-level cooldown, but something to make the "bigger" skills a little more rewarding to use.


  • While casting you will be unable to move about.
  • You can cancel your skills mid-cast.
  • Your cast can be interrupted.


How else does this effect us?


The formulas involved are altered slightly to depend more on the time-to-cast and, more importantly, how much charged ki you use. As an example, even though you will cast less Kamehameha Waves in the same time, you will do approximately the same amount of damage (in terms of raw numbers). Obviously this might come to be viewed as a very large buff for Ki skills in terms of raw damage output (dealing too much in one hit), but we will be taking measures against this. As with every other era I've presided over the changes, please keep an eye on this and inform us if anything seems out of the ordinary. While we try to accommodate for all possibilities, we are only human.



What might the side effects be?


You might notice us slightly altering how the other disciplines are handled to accommodate these changes (H2H and Weaponry); you might notice us change a damage formula here or there involving the ki skills. A lot of the skills will play a lot differently, in terms of speed. You might notice some beam struggles every now and again. You might notice that the cast time might differ from time to time (sometimes feeling lucky is important!).




That's right ya sheepy cunts, mother fucking BEAM STRUGGLES. They'll basically operate in a mini-game fashion, with pushing and pulling. Injecting more ki into your attack will increase the cost of your ability, and will increase the damage slightly (but not by a huge number, mind; they're still putting their own effort into the struggle). Of course by using more ki you also increase the cooldown =]


A lot of the ki stuff can be better clarified by Suzumebachi.


Miscellaneous Code Changes


- Re-stringing will be made available to zenni as a means of payment.


- Transformations will (once again) require RPP for the first transformation.


- Namek racial changed to -40% stamina regen, up from -50%


- Saiyan racial changed to +40% experience gained, down from +50%


- Mutant racial changed to -20% regen, up from -25%


- Kai racials changed to +15% damage received, up from +20%; TNL changed to +10%, up from +15%


- Half-breed racial changed to +35% experience gained, down from +40%


- Hoshijin racial changed to -40% chance to train weapon/physical skills, up from -50%


- Extra Feature reduced to 1RPP


Rules, Administrative and Miscellaneous Changes


- We will be much more lax with the IC/OOC separation for a variety of reasons, namely because we feel it impacts the new player experience too much. More to come on that at a later date, where I'll lay out some qualifying scenarios and such. This is not to say that it is completely gone, and I implore you to err on the side of caution. I should have it finalised before opening.


- Custom Houses and Ships will make a return, however they will be strictly RPP-related, and will incur a "renters fee" at era switch. It is not likely to be very high for the renting fee, and I will speak with my fellow immortals to work on some costs for these, as well as downsizing the "variables" in purchasing them (e.g. you won't have to differentiate between small/medium/large for different costs, you wont have to pay 500 zenni for a chair). We will retain the prior 15-room limit, however you may use as little as you wish for your home.


- This of course means the housing capsules will have their costs tweaked (and also are still useful because garden, hint hint).


Staff Changes


- Gmork is no longer with us. 



Future Roadmap, Possible Plans, etc



Where do I begin? I've been, I believe, very vocal in the direction I'd like to see DBAT take. Code stuff? I'd like to get a lot of work put into the creation of a Truffle-exclusive sensei, which would involve the creation of a lot of new skills with fancy status effects. This would be our first foray into creating skills for the game so I think it's kind of a big deal. In the process I'd like to re-visit how our current status-affecting abilities play out (paralysis, solar flare etc). I opted for Truffle for a number of reasons, namely being their RP potential. It's no secret I'm a very big fan of the race RPly, but that's because I feel they have so much exploitative potential and creative directions.


I'd like to see a lot of QoL stuff incorporated, both building-wise and code-wise. The ability to hide your tail for Saiyans, for disguise to work in a meaningful manner (and mimic too; you aren't forgotten lovely Hoshi's); to not drown leaving Roshi's island, or because you went too far in your direction spam.


I'd also like to re-visit things like preference, genomes, some racials.. It's no secret I dislike the finality of preferences, and especially with the advent of our Ki rework, I think we should probably take another look at them. Genomes and mutations are for the most part okay, but yknow. Racials I'd like to get into the nitty gritty with, especially because I'd like to address things like Demons; I'd like to see them gain a transformation: Demon Form of some sort. Essentially along the lines of "Demon form" and "Mortal form". This allows them a little lee-way in terms of walking into a room and not having someone go "hey demon guy". There would be some other facets involved, but yknow. Maybe also it's high-time we do away with "A male Bio-Android walks into the room." as well?


I'd like to bring our currently-built areas up to a more respectable design in-line with making everything more immersive. We haven't had a new zone released in a while, though.. that may change soon, if you na'mean. It's for a number of reasons, but first and foremost is because I fully believe DBAT should be more about the experience, and not gaining experience. While the latter is necessary, I want it to feel like an aspect of play, not the primary means of play.


Our suggestions board is loaded with ideas, and honestly a lot of them are really good. I assure you that every single one of them passes before my eyes, that's a promise I will gladly make and keep. They take time to implement, figure out how to work out, etc. We are a small staff with a very big plate, and a lot of personal constraints. We haven't lost interest, we haven't abandoned you, we are still here in some fashion. Like most of you, we all have things that require our attention elsewhere; sometimes it is more than we'd like. I would love nothing more than to be a programming prodigy and just slam out changes, and forego all commitments to just build, grade, code, everything for this place. My love for it is irrational. We are all adults with responsibilities.


All major announcements, notices and whatever else are all posted on the forums. That being said, I would love to extend my hand to invite you to join us on Discord if you haven't. I'm usually very active there because it is easy to open my phone and check in there. It is not easy to do things MUD-side when I'm not at home.


Despite this nonsensical rant, I hope you guys enjoy the hard work Suzumebachi has put into this era, it was a truly monumental task. I hope we can put out more like it in reasonable timeframes for you, and not all of them will require era restarts.


Any changes made after this is posted will be added in to a reply, except for further clarification or explanations, which will be added in with a note.

#31153 Next Era's Thoughts & Suggestions

Posted by Rukh on 29 August 2018 - 05:11 AM in General Suggestions

Alright, I'm gonna try to address a few things mentioned here; I might also mention a few spoilerinos, I'm not sure what we're close-lipped on currently, anymore :P




We don't use banked RPP anymore; it was a system that worked for a while but with the move to our longer-than-i'd-like temporary band-aid for leveling (level caps), we felt it was more of a hindrance, especially since most of the levels don't require RPP anymore.


Swimming, the change I'd like to see is sub-11 players have a drastically reduced stamina penalty for swimming; OR just changing the formula involved, since once/if we can move to a "levelless" system, it'd be a big penalty for a long, long time.


RPEXP is something I've pushed for before, and while I -would- like to try it, I want to focus on some core aspects of gameplay before we attempt it. (e.g. our ki rework thats in the works currently, and etc)


The typos are annoying, as well as some formatting for me. Right now our helpfile system is very.. unforgiving, and only Virtus can appoint someone to do maintenance on them. It's an absolute bitch to fix if you fuck up; for example at one point someone fucked up the android help file, and now every word in the first sentence is a helpfile that points to the android helpfile. I've been very hesitant to try some more drastic changes on the code-side for fear of screwing the entire system up (but that's what the make backups for, I guess). Please feel free to use the typo command in-game; targeting is another beast that has limitations of its own.




I think I've gone over a bunch of this with you already, but my current "end goal" is a move to levelless. Doing this will allow us to (hopefully) create catch-up mechanics. My usual comparison is to the abyss point gains in early Aion, but no one apparently played Aion when it released, so: If someone is at 2b PL for the highest, and the lowest is 100, the 100 might get a 1.75x gain, where the 2b might get a 0.4x gain. Obviously those are just random numbers, but you get the gist. Those comfortably in the middle would gain 1.00x, etc. That's the system I would -like- to see in place. I think it would solve a GREAT many issues we have. The no lifers can still gain (and people gaining below them would affect the rate they gain at too, because the higher the lead, the lower the gain etc), and the newbies can at least end up relevant.


I would like to try something similar -before- we start, but it would be largely useless unless we applied it to the experience gain, which might be possible, but considering what happens with the experience calculations when at level 100.. it might get weird in unexpected ways.




You get the biggun;


Sensei and Race - I'm all for nerfing people, and I can honestly say that I've nerfed top tier races more than anything since I've been in the code, but you're not wrong. Right now one of my long term goals is a re-work of the interaction for races and senseis; I'd like to see a race-specific sensei for each race to start with, some new trainers, etc. Doing this will require some creative thinking on how to change up the skills for current senseis, and some new skills for the new senseis. An example is a truffle sensei; his fighting arts would enable guns to run off of ki (remember that change I tried and a few people complained about?), most of his attacks would be status-affect based (para, blind, burn, etc). Doing this will require us to re-visit how certain skills operate and their durations (paralysis, yoik, solar flare), so we can make it usable for a very short duration from the sensei skills.


Levels caps - The end-goal is levelless with a power-gaining curve. That should address this entire section, honestly.


Super - I'm honestly not against it, but I'm hesitant to implement anything related to god ki right now. Let us figure out some of our current issues before we handle that. I'm hesitant to add the Super transformations because.. you just talked about not buffing the top tier races, and now you want to give them transformations (Three new saiyan transformations, anyone?)


RPP Sinks - We absolutely need some of these for the time being. If we switch to an RPEXP system then we can retcon most of these to work off of excess RPEXP, and it might work out better with levelless. I dunno. Most of the ones you suggested are pretty "eh" to me, though. I completely agree with old ships and houses, but before we do that I'd like to come up with a better system than "5k zenni" for the keys. The RPP for takeovers might be a good thing, though.


Sparring - I'd like to change up sparring, too. I don't think the original iteration is what we need, but I definitely don't like how it is currently. Also for the record we already increased the cost of spar booster once.


World events etc - I'd love to have an immortal dedicated specifically to handling this kind of stuff, but I've already got a staff of five (Owner, PR/bug fixer/etc, coder, builder, grader) for a pbase that wavers between 20 at era start to 2 during dead times (thanks, Gideon!). HOWEVER if we can switch to an RPEXP system, my graders' role would be switched to doing exactly that, if that makes you feel better.


Dragon Balls - dkfhgbadkhjfbh. I just want you to know I hate these things. They're so iconic you'd be silly not to have them, but they've just become another tool for people (vets, no lifers, whatever) to just stay ahead of the curve for little risk or opposition, which is why I made the changes I did. I don't like that I did them, but I had to do something, yknow? It's not even that the timer is predictable, it just takes someone who is a compulsive radar checker (hint: almost everyone that knows how to get one) to go "oh, they're out". I think our biggest problem is the radar, honestly. Out of all of my nerfs, and you know I love them, please believe me that this is the one that I didn't really want to do.


Toplist - I honestly liked toplist. There's solid reasons for not having them, but.. I want to say fuck it, honestly =p


Relics - The problem with relics is Iovan just came in one day and said "hey this is a thing!" and gave us nothing to go off of. After no one (repeatedly) has not submitted any items to become relics, the staff were going to create items specifically for the relic table, but then no one ever got around to doing it. The relics are not the same as the artifacts, for the record. Relics were supposed to be an item from a player character, that they go "hey, this is what this item is about, and why it should be special" and then they create a little quest line for it, and then it becomes a persistent relic through the ages.


Right now our only relic is the Z-Sword, I'm not sure how I feel about the relic idea, but I think the Z-Sword quest line is pretty okay. Not the easiest, but yknow.