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#29530 Can the guns changes be reverted?

Posted by Lone_wuelf on 20 March 2017 - 07:49 AM

Well, if you can't beat them. 



#28663 Kaelorn Alberich [Approved]

Posted by Lone_wuelf on 10 February 2017 - 02:46 AM

NAME: Kaelorn Alberich

#22796 Asazel Grader Application

Posted by Kelijyr on 20 February 2015 - 05:03 AM

Someone suggested I make a new thread instead of reusing the old one, so I'll my application here.


I've been an event/scene Immortal on three different muds. None of them are DBZ themed muds, however, they were Wheel of Time based muds, and one mud based on Dune.


I keep odd hours, leaving me available late into the night, when most other immortals don't seem to be available. I enjoy role-playing more than anything, my mechanical knowledge is fairly extensive, and what I don't know I'm willing to learn.


Although I'm open to try and fill in wherever I'm needed, I'm primarily applying to be a grader to help lift the weight off, some, since I've heard that it can get rather hefty, and I spend my idle time reading other people's logs anyway.


In any and all cases, though, I'd like to join the team and help out if you guys finding yourself a little short staffed. Thank you.

#30083 A Divorce From RPP to Level

Posted by mirage on 01 July 2017 - 02:25 AM

You'd be hard-pressed to find a post by me that is anywhere close to as long-winded as I anticipate this one to be. I've had this on my mind for a long while now, and I've bounced it off of a few other players and admins in an unofficial "discussion" capacity. I believe, however, that it is important to write all of this down and flesh out all of the pros/cons of implementing a new system.


With the above statements in mind, allow me a modicum of cordiality. That means:


PLEASE keep conversation civil. This is not the flame arena. 


PLEASE be constructive when replying. I don't have all the ideas, I don't know everything. Being confrontational about an idea being presented does nothing productive, save betraying your own inner internet-asshole.


Leveling Should No Longer Require RPP


This is the thesis of the entire post.  There are, of course, pros and cons to the massive paradigm shift this would cause in DBAT, but I'm inclined to believe that the pros far outweigh the cons.





The first thing we need to understand is why RPP was implemented as a requirement for leveling in the first place. I wasn't here for this. I only know what I've been told. My understanding is that RPP to level was implemented because there was a need for players to be reigned in from leveling to 100 and beyond without ever having to RP. So you'd have these massively strong PC's that nobody knew even existed in an IC sense. 


We have successfully implemented a "level cap" system, whereby admins can control the highest level a current PC can climb. Admittedly, I really like this system. Some people didn't. Most of us agree that there is always room for tweaking it and finding the right balance of where things should be capped and for how long. This, however, is another discussion in and of itself, but for the purposes of this post I'm going to call the level cap system a much more favorable look for the MUD than RPP requirements for leveling.


--------------------------------Power Creep-------------------------------


So if we have effectively solved the initial concern that brought about RPP requirements for level gaining, why do we still have RPP? <sarcasm>  Might as well just get rid of them altogether. Mirage, Your idea is dumb, and what about all the effort so many of us put into getting our beloved RPP and now the RPP creep is going to skyrocket out of control, so what's the use in them?  </sarcasm>


RPP can still be used for many things. How about getting your character some gold? Skill points? Skill reskinning? Customs? EVERYTHING in that RPP store is valuable. Everything in that store does one of two things: Saves you time from doing things -other- than RP'ing, or allows you to make grinding experience easier.  Both of those are -amazing- reasons to keep RPP and the ability to get them.


I know for a fact that if I didn't need to spend all of my RPP on leveling, I would have spent so much more time not grinding off on my own and training in a house with no RP to be had by me. I would spend even more time than I have this era (which I fancy is waaaaay more than anyone else) so I could buy all the cool stuffs. Restring my whole set of gear, buy xp, buy my skillslots. Buy Zenni, Buy a house, etc. 


Ask yourself this question: "Would you rather someone spend 500+ hours grinding all on their own in their house to get their stats up and soft-cap and max their skills, or would you rather that person spend that 500+ hours RP'ing, and just buy all those things with the RPP they garnered?" If you're here for the RP and care so much about RP, and worry about RP going away because we don't -need- them to level, then the answer to this question is a no-brainer. Gimme more RP and let'em have their cake and stats and stuff for contributing to the story. 


<rantish counter-argument> But Mirage, what about RPP power creep. What if someone has a full set of custom gear, customs are too strong for level caps early, and now everyone would have a bunch of them under your communist regime </rantish counter-argument>


This is a solid concern when it comes to level caps. But what is the real crux of the problem, here? Is it that people are unkillable? That's patently false. There are a number of ways to kill people even with customs pre level 20. Get creative. I do admit this is almost a petty response by me to the argument, so let me elaborate. The -real- problem is the armor index a custom provides, I believe we can all agree on that. The -real- problem only exists at level 40 and below, relatively. But you know what? Created gear is a huge Armor Index booster as well. That makes two sensei's, who are arguably two of the best in the game already, super powerful pre-40 also. 


Using Customs as a scapegoat for level-cap system being poor is a very thin argument. I don't have the solution for customs, but perhaps we ding down the armor index? perhaps make it 8k each piece? I know that'll get some panties up in a bunch, but hear me out. The amount of RPP it takes to purchase a custom is equivalent right now to putting a character at level 50. That's higher than 80% of characters (a guess, might even be a little low) even make it on this game. And why do almost all of those characters not make it to level 50? Because they don't have enough RPP.


The people who will have customs would have had them anyways. At level 1. Regardless of a level cap system or RPP to level system. Customs aren't causing any problem that wasn't already present if we switch from RPP/level to a no RPP to level system. Stop trying to use that argument.



--------------------------------New Players-------------------------------


How many new players on a weekly basis do we lose because they hit level 15 and all of a sudden they can't level anymore because they haven't earned their first RPP. I can't even begin to tell you how many new players I've personally seen leave because of this. I have tried my best, and my logs will prove it, to RP with each and every new player that comes. Even still, they go through the two or three RPP they earn for that first log, and then quit because they can't find RP to level more, or see the absolutely daunting amount of -logged- RP. You see that there? Logging. It's a huge undertaking for a new player. Writing solo logs? Writing Quest Logs? Logging RP. Following all the rules of posting? 



This is seriously a huge turn-off to even the most avid and enthusiastic Roleplayers we have come through our doors. Wonderful RP'ers just quit because, well, "Yeah Fuck that.". I quote directly from a new player when I described to them the system for getting RPP. Now, if I told them they need to do this if they want custom gear? If they want free practice sessions, free zenni, restring their stuff? That's no so bad. But to -play- the amazing codebase we have? The above sentiment is what I've found in almost all cases. We have so many new faces and so few stick around, and I firmly believe that our RPP to level system has a huge part to play.


If we want to keep new players, and by god I think we do, we need to have a more accessible game. The learning curve is steep enough here, as the codebase is so different and specialized. Even seasoned veterans of muds, and even CircleMud codebase still get overwhelmed at times. 



--------------------------------Multiple Characters/Do-Overs-------------------------------


I love playing multiple characters. I have the benefit of having the time to do it. You know what I don't love? Feeling like I can't play my other characters because it takes hours and hours and hours of RP to even get them to the maximum level, not to mention get their skills and stats up to a point where they are viable characters. 


How many times have we heard someone say, "We need more villains? We need antagonists?" I know I myself have heard it innumerable times in the past two months alone. Without needing RPP to level, anyone could make a villain. Our people with loads of time to invest in the game could make villains. We could play the bad guy, and get wrecked, or perhaps win a few, and not feel like that's all we can do in that era. We can be invested in the RP of our characters - not in the time-sink of gathering RPP, or only doing it half-heartedly and stopping at level 15 or 30 depending on the race because we'd be "wasting" our valuable RPP we need to level our "Main" character. 


We've had many instances of new players who actually stay and play. And find themselves really enjoying DBAT, only to find out once they've hit level 45 that not only is their character build is sub-optimal, but that the sensei or skills they've chosen to take don't act the way they thought they would. So they want to start over. But they can't, because they'll lose 15 of the RPP they've spent on leveling. That's a huge amount to them. So they stick it out, and then give up once they hit level 50 or 60  because they're now utterly sure their character is absolute garbage mechanically.


If we didn't have RPP required to level, they could just remake the character. Do it right the second time. And catch back up. AND CATCH BACK UP. I put emphasis on that piece because that's another huge complaint I've heard many many times. Even falling behind ten or twenty levels because you took a break for three weeks makes it nigh impossible to catch back up because of the weeks of RP'ing you missed out on while the cap was in effect. Now you can't level, you can't catch up, and you lose all motivation to play. Again, no RPP to level fixes this. 



--------------------------------Filthy Casuals-------------------------------


What about the people who don't have the time to devote 3+ hours a day when they play. What about the filthy casuals that can only play for an hour or two when they do get the chance to log on. They are either stuck in -one- RP scene, where they may or may not get five or six posts in maximum, or they can go spar/mob/train. I'm willing to bet you large sums of money (that I don't have) that the players will go spar/mob/train until they hit the cap, and then -RP- for the remainder of the time their character is at the cap. It won't be such a chore to RP. 


They aren't doing it so they can progress. They're doing it because now that we're at the cap, and have been for a week, or two, they can relax. Quit running the rat-race, and just develop their character and story. We have many players that fit this description. They'll come back if we give them the reasons.



--------------------------------The Post-100 Grind Fest-------------------------------


Here's where things get sticky. I admit I don't have the answers to this. I have some ideas that I'll throw out for your considerations, but honestly I'd much rather have the problem of too many people who're too strong than nobody playing. So here goes: What to do about the insane power creep of post-100 gains and no reins to keep people in check?


I say we implement post 100 caps too. My first thoughts were as follows: keep the RPP requirement to increase your post 100 gains to be allowed past a certain level. 


This idea has merit. It makes it so RPP is still required to be the very best, like no one ever was. It gives a solid RPP sink if the above mentioned power-creep of RPP isn't enough to satisfy the avid and prolific RP'ers massive stores of points. 


It also has some downfall. What if a person has 180 RPP when they hit 100? They can just buy all the caps outright in the beginning, and scream ahead. Then we've got someone now who is almighty god. Now, they've earned it. They've RP'd. They put the grind time in, I say good for them. I realize how self-serving that sounds with someone like me who is in this current position. So I'll concede this may be severely off-putting to others.


Why though, would we change a system that is already proven to be effective? What are levels in DBAT? Is there a hard-coded THACO, or level-based difference in ability to handle a mob/situation? Levels are an OOC construct that really only serve one purpose: holding power back. So why would we alter how we handle level-capping, or, as I'm gonna call it now, power-capping? Why not have for the first 5 weeks of post 100 the limit be 5 billion, or 15 billion for non-trans races? This would be easier to enforce, and require less notation and constant checking on the admin responsibilities. No cross-referencing whatever spreadsheet or forum post you have that says who's paid for what. Just a quick, Hey man, you're up at 15.5 billion right now, cap is 15b, so I'm gonna set you back down. It's clear-cut. It's easy to police. Hell, even afford androids the same benefits of their softcapping: they can't be over 45 billion combined strength at that cap. 


Having a system like this would -also- encourage more characters via alts. You could feasibly get more than one character to the cap at post 100. You could play that villain. All the way through, and still be viable. And play your side character, who is a do-gooder. Or a support character for that other clan you're in. THIS COULD WORK.


This system would also have cons, but I'd rather have these problems to contend with than nobody to RP with. 



--------------------------------The Hermit-------------------------------


This is possibly, and from my understanding of history, very probable to be the most concerning consequence of implementing the system. The Hermit. That bastard who just logs on, grinds his face off, gets huge, and nobody knows what he's doing, who he is, etc. This is the reason we implemented RPP in the first place. This is what we are trying to prevent in DBAT, right? 


Firstly, I'd like to just throw out a thought on the subject of the Hermit. That is, Why do we care? If they're showing up to RP scenes and ruining them, or not playing in-character when they should be, or are taking IC actions and not justifying them IC'ly, then they can be dealt with on a case-by-case basis by the admins. If they're literally just keeping to themselves, grinding, contributing nothing to anyone's story, but not disrupting it. Not trolling on SNET. Not harming anyone, just sitting in their house grinding all day. Or farming mobs all day. Why do we care?


If they're clearing newbie areas for the sole purpose of keeping new players from being able to progress, that's a sure-fire issue an admin could handle.


But, is it so bad to have a hermit if they aren't harming anything? It's not like, if we implemented post-100 caps in -either- of the ways I've outlined, and we had level caps already implemented for pre-100, that they could do anything to actually contend with the top players. And if they do...GREAT! Now they're RP'ing. Now they're in a scene. Now they're getting a taste of how awesome our community can be to one another. 


If they just start PK'ing people, or griefing players OOC'ly, those are both covered in the rules. Those are both offenses that will get the hermit banned/punished. These are all situations where a small bit of oversight and reporting from players will go a long way to either encourage the hermit to contribute and enjoy this place with us, or go on his way to a grind/slash game elsewhere if he/she cannot leave well enough alone of our IC interactions.



--------------------------------Closing Statements-------------------------------



To me, these solutions are easily implementable. -EVEN IF- it is not easily hard-coded to remove the RPP requirements for leveling, I have an idea for you. Make everything in the RPP store cost "banked" RPP and removed the rpbank command. Then give every new account 9999 RPP. Done. It can be done on the fly. All rewards given to players for logs/etc are given to their bank. This will make it so that players with massive stores of RPP at this time in their bank aren't penalized. 


If it can be implemented to not require RPP for each level easily enough, then let's have a real discussion about making this happen. Soon. There's like...4 people at 100 this era. Maybe. I speak for 25% of us when I say I couldn't care any less if everyone got RPP restrictions taken away -right- -now- and let them level. I wouldn't be salty, even though that is hugely "unfair" to me. You know what's more unfair, I got nobody to play with. 


Even if we wait until next era, I am a huge proponent of "boost 'em to 100 for 30 RPP" going in again. And soon. let's give people a chance to play this game post 100 who've never experienced it. Let's keep the pay RPP to increase your cap, or hell, maybe we even make a schedule for power caps through the end of the era. I don't know, but let's do -something- to invigorate. 

#28427 race/sensi rough idea.

Posted by Iovan on 24 December 2016 - 12:20 PM


A long time from now DBAT might have custom skills. (sarcasm aside,) 


I'll show you!

#25220 Member Photos

Posted by Aldath on 25 June 2015 - 06:15 PM

I lost a bet with Zenkai and Fenrir. I'm posting my picture on the forums. Zenkai is so mean to me.


#30342 A couple of weird things that might need a minor fix

Posted by Iovan on 02 November 2017 - 02:13 AM

When you use Grapple, it's Grapple (target) (type of grapple) instead of Grapple (type of grapple) (target) like other abilities akin to it. It feels clunky and weird to use. 


When playing a Bioandroid, Extracting from a KO'd person can occasionally have them dodge even though they're unconcious.


Not sure if this needed an entire thread, but I felt like they should be pointed out in the interest of having cleaner code.


Grapple could easily be changed, and the reason it is the way it is was pointed out by Rukh. The different types of grapple were added after the original grapple, and I personally see no difference between having them either way. I guess perhaps for ease of just using anything and having similar syntax structure for your commands, but very few are really that similar to one another other than attacks. Changing it would be as easy as switching the string variables being checked. One takes the first argument used with the command grapple, and uses that to check for an appropriate target based on matching the argument to their name. The other is checked by some individual segments of code handling each type of different grapple. It can easily be changed by switching the names of the strings (such as arg1 arg2) with each other. Then changing the syntax responses for a bad grapple command to reflect the grapple (type) (victim) order the code now recognizes.


Solving the KO issue is something that should be relatively easy. Dodge is handled in one specific place, if a check for KO is placed there and modifies the chance of dodging to zero (or even negative for outlandish surety of failure) then there would be no more KO dodging. Unless you are specifically speaking of zanzoken, which would mean adding it to every attack that zanzoken can evade, since zanzoken is handled as an old easy code segment within each attack command, instead of being referenced by each through passing variable values to an independent function. This was never changed over to such an easy to modify system (such as how dodge was) probably due to a combination of time crunch before a new era and laziness. This could probably be rectified by me (as in I'll design the function, and what each command needs to pass on) and Rukh can edit each command replacing the old zanzoken code within them with the new function call. There's probably a few other things I could optimize about attack commands, which are by far the largest commands outside of a few others here or there. Before I optimized attacks as much as I did, they completely filled up the file to the point where the editor I was using couldn't even save them. Now for example punch (and physical attacks have far less code) has 267 lines of code, and it is probably the shortest physical attack command concerning code. If I went crazy on it I could probably reduce most attacks to 1/3rd or at least 1/2 their current code, but would have to write large functions that can handle variables from a lot of uniquely functioning attacks.


In my early days before DBAT even reached beta I often avoided streamlining, because; A: I often coded (and still do, lol) from scratch with no pseudo code or concrete plan, I would think of what I wanted the function to do (or in this case attacks), and then write the code from there. Usually this was done as a way to save time, since I could catch bugs more easily and not have to waste time planning everything out when ironing out some issues was usually faster. B: I intentionally made my code as obtuse and hard to modify by a second party for security. If anyone managed to steal the codebase (as I have had happen in the past) I wanted them to have as hard a time reverse engineering it as possible. It was only in recent years that I went through and added a bunch of comments to the code so anyone working on it could have an idea, and even that was incomplete due to time constraints and laziness. C: I saved time just copying an old attack's code and modifying it toward a new attack, and this speed spoiled me toward putting in extra time to go back and streamline previous attacks, especially when many attack functions had already piled up and manually editing them or replacing them would have been a bother. D: Laziness.


My assembling code for a particular function on the fly without bothering to plan lots of it out allowed me to churn out code like crazy in the early years of DBAT (when I could put in hours of work.) I often procrastinated even then until the last minute and would get dozens of heavy things coded in a few days. I'd say I was working on it at a particular time and that it would be done on such and such date, but would most often not start working on it till such and such date. Often this was due to placing more value on my time doing something else (like playing games), but sometimes this was due to bug complaints bogging down my coding schedule. In the early days about 2/3rds of the bug complaints were intended features that were poorly documented or cramped the complaining player's desired playstyle, which would increase my apathy toward coding since bugs are a priority over new code, and sifting through poorly explained or erroneous bug reports made me wish to do something else with my time even more.


tl;dr sometimes things are the way they are because Iovan is a lazy maverick genius and not so much a professional.



#24634 Positive thoughts and prayers welcome.

Posted by Thavius on 03 May 2015 - 11:31 PM

As I have posted in the POI thread a few days ago there was an accident in my family. My father goes in for surgery monday morning at 7:30 for skin grafts on his arms and hands. There is concern his heart might not be strong. I was raised to hope for the best but prepare for the worst. So in preparation for the worst I am going to  taking a brief pause on my IMMs duties till I know more of what is going. My head is not right and I do not wish for that to impact the game in anyway more than it already has. 


James aka Cypher/Thavius

#20879 Member Photos

Posted by Lone_wuelf on 30 December 2014 - 06:52 AM

My wife and I decided not to do Christmas gifts this year, but she still snuck one through for me.


Pretty happy with it actually :)



#31219 Era XI Changes

Posted by Rukh on 15 February 2019 - 04:59 AM

Episode XI



Here we are again at the dawn of a new era. Suzumebachi has been hard at work getting everything rolling. The "patch notes" may seem rather sparse, but they involved a lot of work. We all know what that is (probably), too!




What does that mean for us?


A few things, namely that all ki abilities now have a cast time and a cooldown. This isn't MMORPG-level cooldown, but something to make the "bigger" skills a little more rewarding to use.


  • While casting you will be unable to move about.
  • You can cancel your skills mid-cast.
  • Your cast can be interrupted.


How else does this effect us?


The formulas involved are altered slightly to depend more on the time-to-cast and, more importantly, how much charged ki you use. As an example, even though you will cast less Kamehameha Waves in the same time, you will do approximately the same amount of damage (in terms of raw numbers). Obviously this might come to be viewed as a very large buff for Ki skills in terms of raw damage output (dealing too much in one hit), but we will be taking measures against this. As with every other era I've presided over the changes, please keep an eye on this and inform us if anything seems out of the ordinary. While we try to accommodate for all possibilities, we are only human.



What might the side effects be?


You might notice us slightly altering how the other disciplines are handled to accommodate these changes (H2H and Weaponry); you might notice us change a damage formula here or there involving the ki skills. A lot of the skills will play a lot differently, in terms of speed. You might notice some beam struggles every now and again. You might notice that the cast time might differ from time to time (sometimes feeling lucky is important!).




That's right ya sheepy cunts, mother fucking BEAM STRUGGLES. They'll basically operate in a mini-game fashion, with pushing and pulling. Injecting more ki into your attack will increase the cost of your ability, and will increase the damage slightly (but not by a huge number, mind; they're still putting their own effort into the struggle). Of course by using more ki you also increase the cooldown =]


A lot of the ki stuff can be better clarified by Suzumebachi.


Miscellaneous Code Changes


- Re-stringing will be made available to zenni as a means of payment.


- Transformations will (once again) require RPP for the first transformation.


- Namek racial changed to -40% stamina regen, up from -50%


- Saiyan racial changed to +40% experience gained, down from +50%


- Mutant racial changed to -20% regen, up from -25%


- Kai racials changed to +15% damage received, up from +20%; TNL changed to +10%, up from +15%


- Half-breed racial changed to +35% experience gained, down from +40%


- Hoshijin racial changed to -40% chance to train weapon/physical skills, up from -50%


- Extra Feature reduced to 1RPP


Rules, Administrative and Miscellaneous Changes


- We will be much more lax with the IC/OOC separation for a variety of reasons, namely because we feel it impacts the new player experience too much. More to come on that at a later date, where I'll lay out some qualifying scenarios and such. This is not to say that it is completely gone, and I implore you to err on the side of caution. I should have it finalised before opening.


- Custom Houses and Ships will make a return, however they will be strictly RPP-related, and will incur a "renters fee" at era switch. It is not likely to be very high for the renting fee, and I will speak with my fellow immortals to work on some costs for these, as well as downsizing the "variables" in purchasing them (e.g. you won't have to differentiate between small/medium/large for different costs, you wont have to pay 500 zenni for a chair). We will retain the prior 15-room limit, however you may use as little as you wish for your home.


- This of course means the housing capsules will have their costs tweaked (and also are still useful because garden, hint hint).


Staff Changes


- Gmork is no longer with us. 



Future Roadmap, Possible Plans, etc



Where do I begin? I've been, I believe, very vocal in the direction I'd like to see DBAT take. Code stuff? I'd like to get a lot of work put into the creation of a Truffle-exclusive sensei, which would involve the creation of a lot of new skills with fancy status effects. This would be our first foray into creating skills for the game so I think it's kind of a big deal. In the process I'd like to re-visit how our current status-affecting abilities play out (paralysis, solar flare etc). I opted for Truffle for a number of reasons, namely being their RP potential. It's no secret I'm a very big fan of the race RPly, but that's because I feel they have so much exploitative potential and creative directions.


I'd like to see a lot of QoL stuff incorporated, both building-wise and code-wise. The ability to hide your tail for Saiyans, for disguise to work in a meaningful manner (and mimic too; you aren't forgotten lovely Hoshi's); to not drown leaving Roshi's island, or because you went too far in your direction spam.


I'd also like to re-visit things like preference, genomes, some racials.. It's no secret I dislike the finality of preferences, and especially with the advent of our Ki rework, I think we should probably take another look at them. Genomes and mutations are for the most part okay, but yknow. Racials I'd like to get into the nitty gritty with, especially because I'd like to address things like Demons; I'd like to see them gain a transformation: Demon Form of some sort. Essentially along the lines of "Demon form" and "Mortal form". This allows them a little lee-way in terms of walking into a room and not having someone go "hey demon guy". There would be some other facets involved, but yknow. Maybe also it's high-time we do away with "A male Bio-Android walks into the room." as well?


I'd like to bring our currently-built areas up to a more respectable design in-line with making everything more immersive. We haven't had a new zone released in a while, though.. that may change soon, if you na'mean. It's for a number of reasons, but first and foremost is because I fully believe DBAT should be more about the experience, and not gaining experience. While the latter is necessary, I want it to feel like an aspect of play, not the primary means of play.


Our suggestions board is loaded with ideas, and honestly a lot of them are really good. I assure you that every single one of them passes before my eyes, that's a promise I will gladly make and keep. They take time to implement, figure out how to work out, etc. We are a small staff with a very big plate, and a lot of personal constraints. We haven't lost interest, we haven't abandoned you, we are still here in some fashion. Like most of you, we all have things that require our attention elsewhere; sometimes it is more than we'd like. I would love nothing more than to be a programming prodigy and just slam out changes, and forego all commitments to just build, grade, code, everything for this place. My love for it is irrational. We are all adults with responsibilities.


All major announcements, notices and whatever else are all posted on the forums. That being said, I would love to extend my hand to invite you to join us on Discord if you haven't. I'm usually very active there because it is easy to open my phone and check in there. It is not easy to do things MUD-side when I'm not at home.


Despite this nonsensical rant, I hope you guys enjoy the hard work Suzumebachi has put into this era, it was a truly monumental task. I hope we can put out more like it in reasonable timeframes for you, and not all of them will require era restarts.


Any changes made after this is posted will be added in to a reply, except for further clarification or explanations, which will be added in with a note.

#30093 A Divorce From RPP to Level

Posted by Arias on 01 July 2017 - 09:25 PM

The RPP cost to level has driven me away literally every era.


I keep coming back because I seem to forget how much I dislike this system after about a year or so.


I don't play any other DBZ MUDs because there honestly aren't any others out there that even compare to what we have here. However, there is a central system at play that kills the fun for me once I need RPP to level.


I'm not a filthy casual either, I wouldn't have ever even looked at this MUD if it wasn't RP enforced. I love to RP but I really dislike the idea of seeking people out and holding little RP sessions with them, I really would much rather RP as I bump into people and then go on my way but that's definitely not enough to write about.


I also really dislike having to post logs. I'm sorry, I know you can just copy and paste a session and call it a log but meh, it feels lazy to me. What usually will happen is I'll be halfway through writing an RPP story and I'll realize that I'm no longer playing a game, I'm writing a story to play a game...this is also usually followed by the realization that I'll be writing a lot more if I want to keep playing. So I quit.


I'm a busy man and I'm sure many of you are busy as well. If I jump into a game it's because I want to play it. I jump onto DBA because I want to play in the DBZ universe in an RP environment.


As far as leveling goes, the cap system is probably a good (I'd rather see each 'cap period' spread out over a longer period of time)but I'd rather just see level XP costs dramatically raised, forcing people to spend more time training per level. Sparring and things like that would probably need to be nerfed as well.


Also, please don't require RPP to pass through different caps like Ruhk suggested. At lvl 100 or so, maybe, sure, I dunno because I've never stuck around long enough to reach lvl 100. Definitely not before then though, please.


Changes like this would definitely bring me back as a player on a more regular basis.

#30090 A Divorce From RPP to Level

Posted by Jess on 01 July 2017 - 04:14 PM

Hi, as a player that has only recently entered the game (recently being about a year ago), I feel like my opinion is valid.


When I was first starting out, I started incredibly late in the era- everyone had huge powerlevels, everyone was high levelled, blah blah, etc. I was fine with that, I understood that I would be getting my chance sooner rather than later and so I waited it out. I also checked out the game in general, looked around, yknow, usual stuff. I can safely say that what Mirage is saying? Completely true. 


You've got all of this cool stuff in your sensei's skill list, there's so much stuff you can see, so much stuff that you might want to buy using zenni... but nah. You're not allowed all of that cool stuff. You're not allowed to check it out. Want practice sessions because grinding them out is a hassle? Three hours of your time condensed into a log, please, in which you have to write roughly 6,000 characters worth of text over the course of ten paragraphs/posts. You want that cool thing in a shop but you don't know where to grind for a buttload of money? 1/4 of your log's reward, please, and now you're one-off a level because you dared to see something you liked the sound and look of. Want to complete your character's flavour by restringing their gear? That'll be a ton of RPP and a ton more if you make a mistake, and oh look you can't level.


Then you get to the fact that if someone in the log- just ONE PERSON- fucks up somehow, does something not allowed in RP terms, or screws up in general, your log is denied. All those five hours you spent having to roleplay with someone that makes you extremely uncomfortable out of character, then having to colour the posts, then making sure they're properly formatted? Yeah, no, those five hours are gone because of that guy. So there's another limiter.


Additionally, when you have an awkward timezone like mine, finding roleplay is hard. You look around, far and wide, you scout scan, you sense scan, you talk over SNET, but the one or two people currently online are either AFK, Immortal, or just not able to do stuff at the moment because they're grinding. So, you have to come back at later times, which leads to fiascoes like me having to stay up until 4:30 AM and being extremely pissed off because of the fact that I'm sleepy and I had to write, since there would be very few if any opportunities for me to write at a more comfortable time.


Then the grinding, oh God the grinding on top of roleplaying. There's not enough information on what to do and everyone else gets to a huge level compared to you because they know exactly how to game the system so they can get into funner parts of the game. Efficiency is everything and a new player is anything but efficient. They'll die left and right and be bored out of their minds because of the lack of assistance or know-how on where to go.


I also have so many character ideas (not all of them good, in fact most of them not so good) that I come up with, but then when I realise that I need to roleplay and divert many hours of effort into two characters just to make either of them remotely fun or viable, I stop, because I realise that there's not enough time for me to do both at the same time.


So, yeah, I'd love it if there wasn't any need for level-up RPP. I'd love to spend my RPP on stuff that will enhance my game experience and let me have a bit of fun instead of needing to divert so much RPP into something that's wholly unnecessary.

#29351 "My Reaction When" Thread [Not Mobile Friendly]

Posted by Rukh on 10 March 2017 - 07:38 AM

MRW people knockin' on gif game and don't even post gifs



#29230 First in First out

Posted by Demon on 01 March 2017 - 08:49 PM

This thread is a thing ever era.



I honestly expected this to happen, so I'm not gonna act surprised or anything.


We have one full time grader.  I pick up the logs that said grader can't do, since no one else will. (see: We're all busy with our own stuff.).


This should be alleviated soon, though, so.  Basically what Soren said + my 2¢

#28363 Slight change to extra descriptions

Posted by Iovan on 18 December 2016 - 12:12 AM

Yeah sure, I'll work on this. I'll make it so if you add the ... yourself with whatever color you want then it will override the default.

#28195 Plot Plans/ Ideas for next Era

Posted by Soren on 22 November 2016 - 01:56 AM

In general I would like to see more consequences for character behaviors (or lack of them) on any given planet.  Both positive and negative.


The Earth Defense Initiative (EDI) was a good idea but happened too late in the era imo.  It should have happened way back in January during that one RP where the army + mech was called in to combat two specific characters that were fighting and drawing way too much attention.   Basically it was an NPC reaction to too much shit happening on Earth and was then pulled after an accident blew up into a large drama episode.  


Things that are supposed to majorly change the state of things in a given area should be documented and have some sort of NPC response.  People openly challenged the throne on Vegeta? Beef up security in Vegetos City + the Palace and boost up the various NPCs.  Make them hostile to anyone who hasn't pledged their loyalty to the throne (and punish anyone who metagames by OOCly pledging but ICly still being against the royalty).   Someone did a significant good deed for a portion of a city? Try and show that via increased NPC presence or such.  Someone actually decides to train with a specific NPC for the sake of strengthening them in coming invasion POIs or using them  for another purpose (i.e. a Truffle helping Dr. Gero improve his Androids for an invasion on Earth)?  Raise that NPC's PL.  Those are just some examples.


So many "world-shaping" RPs are often gone unnoticed and invalidated by other players who don't know what happened unless they read RP logs.  It's really disappointing.


Also, I'd love to see consequences for players IGNORING specific planets/areas.  If Namek and Kanassa are left alone, for example, the World Trade Organization takes them over.  If Arlia is left alone for too long, a swarm of Arlians rise up and attack other planets.  If Konack is left alone, have the Shades or the Sereg-Vanma rise up and take over stuff, resummon Hirudegarn to terrorize the land, etc.   Lots of potential could be had in this area, and it could create an extra layer of evolving storylines.

#27857 Newbie primer

Posted by Soren on 08 August 2016 - 08:10 PM

 and be glad the old regime isn't still around.


Most of them left the moment they lost their advantages above new players when the RPBank system was implemented and they were no longer able to stack up RPP between eras in order to not worry about RPing before hitting level 100 within the first month.   


The whole "newbies shouldn't have it easy because us vets had to learn it all on our own" mentality is what can lead to people being turned off from this game and reduce the amount of potential players sticking around.  Giving more information and clarity about systems and mechanics is a good thing, because it means players actually know wtf they're doing on a basic level or what to look for doing.   There are a bunch of newbie traps in this game as well as things that vets have held above newbies' heads in the past.   If the system is purposely designed in a way to weed out around 70-80% of the people who actually try to dip into the RP here by creating biographies and the like, then I guess it's been doing a great job of that so far.   If we're actually trying to get more people into the game so it doesn't keep having dead months, easing up the newbie experience by way of giving them more information is one way to help move things towards a more populous future.


That said there's a difference between providing clarity of systems/mechanics and then just telling people where to go/what to do/etc.  


A newbie guide is already done in basic form with the iMuffin, but can be expanded further to give people a sense of direction to start off with.   After that, yeah players should discover things on their own or make connections with those who can help them out.   But helping newbies ease into the game can go a long way in enticing them to stay around, which leads to more RPers in the game which leads to more RP and less periods of inactivity due to a few key players getting bored.

#27166 Transparency of Mechanics

Posted by Iovan on 25 February 2016 - 12:14 PM

As far as mechanics not being transparent enough, this at one time was the intention. Far less was given to players in regards to how things work. I've been trying to change this, but a lot of it gets forgotten in the shuffle, posted to the news but never a help file, and then lost as a record. We benefit because of common knowledge, where a newbie coming in won't have that knowledge and if they even bother to ask may not get an answer.


We are going to work on this issue of giving more information, but at the same time it isn't as big of a problem as being insinuated in this thread. So what if your first character isn't optimal or isn't at the top, this can change, and learning as you go as vets had to do once upon a time isn't the worst thing ever. It is part of the normal cycle for there to be newbies, midbies, vets, and "DBAT is life" tier players. The burden of learning a game is ultimately on you. Unless the game is dumbed down to an extreme there are always going to be little tricks and options you overlook.


Regarding NPC death penalties. I've been doing some thinking on this issue, and with our new weakened state penalty I'm thinking of reducing all NPC death wait times to 8 hours no matter how many deaths. PKs will remain the same. Death count will instead be used to determine the length of the weakened state revive debuff (with the current setting as the max and a range of settings below that max for lower death counts).

#24070 Custom Reimbursements

Posted by kindle on 15 April 2015 - 05:00 PM

account kindle

i know i have a custom, but i dont remember what it is since it's still wizlocked. and yes andros, you can add that to your people who tried to log in during wizlock list 


awarded Kindle 30 RPP for reimbursement

Tepsih 4-15-15

#22706 Lone's Immortal application.

Posted by Lone_wuelf on 16 February 2015 - 11:05 PM

Hello everyone!


The names Wuelf, Lonewuelf. I’ve been playing DBAT since July last year, and I’ve really enjoyed my time here so far. It’s been a blast watching the community interact, and then slowly but surely becoming a part of the DBAT family. While DBAT isn’t the first MUD I’ve played, it is certainly the first RP-enforced MUD I’ve really gotten into. One of the reasons I’ve stuck with DBAT is the people, I was taken under some players wings pretty early on and their guidance has really helped shape my experience of the MUD. Now that I’ve learned a few “tricks of the trade”, I’m looking for ways that I can do the same for new players.


The reason for this post is simple enough, I’d like to raise my hand as a candidate for immortality. I am online pretty much every day, and I actively seek to help new players whenever I can. As it stands I already read literally every single RP post, as I am always looking for chances to validate other players RP and create a more unified RP universe. Being on a separate time zone to most other current immortals means I can grade in their “off-times”.  


I also have an interest in helping to build or potentially in the future, code. Virtus has already shown me several commands on the Test Port, and I found it to be intuitive and easy to learn. The system makes sense to me, and I’d like to test my limits and see what I am capable of creating.


Ultimately though, I am interested in helping people. Whether that is as an immortal, or as a player - I will continue to do so.


Thank you for your time,

Justin van der Veen