There are several ways to connect to the Dragonball Advent Truth mud. The easiest of which, is via flash: Click Here to Play With Flash Client. You'll need javascript enabled to click on the link, but you can copy/paste " " into your browser if javascript is not an option for you. However, mud clients offer a more customizable and enjoyable experience. So you may want to download one of them from the following links:

Windows Clients

Macintosh Clients

Mushclinet is a widely used, free, robust mud client that can handle most, if not all, of your needs. Gmud offers a fair amount of features without taking up much space on your computer, good if you want to store it on a flash drive and use on other computers.

Atlantis - easy to use mud client, but setting up triggers/scripts can be cumbersome. Savitar - only qualm I have with this client is the color doesn't default to standard ANSI, can be easy to fix however.

Connect Information

To connect with a client, direct your client to '' on port: 1280

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